Why Not Just Bake The Cake?

The leftist degenerates that populate Hollywood had some words of advice to all of us Christians, “Bake the cake!”  This is of course a reference to the recent SCOTUS decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs Colorado case where the Court found that the religious freedoms of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece, were violated by the State.

This case actually began all the way back in 2012 when a gay couple entered the cake shop to order their “wedding” cake.  For the past five years, Jack Philipps has been locked in a legal battle with the Colorado Civil Rights Division.  That’s five years of legal expenses, hearings, court dates, disruption to his business, and disruption to his life.  All this over a cake.  So why not just bake the cake?

Well, as usual, the media, the left, and the reprobates in Hollywood all have it wrong.  Jack Phillips did not refuse to bake a cake, he refused to create a wedding cake.  If the two men who wanted a “wedding” cake had come into the shop and selected one out of the rack to take home, they would have gone home with a cake that day.  Jack Phillips was not refusing to serve them because they were gay, on the contrary, he would have gladly sold them anything he stocks in his shop as he would for any other customer.

What Jack Phillips refused to do was to use his artistic abilities to create a wedding cake specially for this same sex “wedding”.  This is a huge distinction and the reason why this was a 7-2 victory for religious freedoms.

What Colorado attempted to do was to force Jack Phillips to create something with which his religious conscience would not allow him to do.  The ruling, had it gone the other way, would have had dangerous repercussions to the First Amendment protections we all enjoy as Americans.

Imagine a black artist being forced to create banners for a KKK rally.  How about a Jewish baker being forced to create and cater a Hamas Pride dinner.  Because one enters the marketplace does not mean he or she forfeits their First Amendment liberty to conduct that business in a manner that conforms to their deeply held religious beliefs.

So, the next time you hear one of your friends or coworkers in ignorance question why Mr. Phillips couldn’t just bake the cake, you can explain that this is not about baking a cake, but creating a cake.