North America

The Hollands – Arctic Canada

Todd and Jodi have served their first term in the Sahtu region of Arctic Canada.  Ministering where there average winter temps reach -40 F, they represent Christ among people that face isolation, hardship, and darkness both spiritual and physical.

Read their latest prayer letter: 2019-02 Holland




 The Ringelbergs – Church Builders

The Ringelbergs were instrumental in helping our church finish some much needed remodeling and expansion in the late 80’s.  Since that time we have supported their ministry to assist other small churches in getting their buildings built for the glory of God.




The Millers – Missionary Pastors (Retired)

The Millers came to Fallsburg in 1986 as missionaries because the church was too small to support a full-time pastor.  After 3 years, the church was once again self supporting and the building in good repair.  Bro. Miller is now officially retired but continues to labor for the Lord in his local church.



The Wilsons – Missionaries to the Jewish People

The Wilsons served the Lord for 14 years in Moscow and for 3 years in Israel. Now based in Atlanta, they continue to share the Gospel with Jewish people and to train Christians in how best to witness and minister to Jewish people in their communities.

Read their latest prayer letter: 2019-01 Wilsons