Why Not Just Bake The Cake?

The leftist degenerates that populate Hollywood had some words of advice to all of Christians, “Bake the cake!”  This is of course a reference to the recent SCOTUS decision in the Masterpiece Cakeshop vs Colorado case where the Court found that the religious freedoms of Jack Phillips, owner of Masterpiece,

What Immodesty Means To Men

Introduction The weather is barely into the 80’s and already women and girls are parading around in short shorts and low-cut tops.  It happens every year, but it seems to be a trend that is going in the wrong direction.  My wife has often lamented that she has shopped in

Does God Allow Tragedy?

Last Sunday I preached a message recognizing the victims of the Texas church shooting while answering the question of whether God allows these tragedies to occur or not.  I’ve heard a lot of talking heads on T.V. and radio try to understand a spiritual problem through their carnal minds.  Here

The Choice to be “Stuck”

I am in my 20th year of full-time ministry.  I’ve served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, taught in two Christian schools, and worked with teens nearly all my ministry.  I’ve counselled drunkards and drug addicts, those trapped in sexual sins of every Biblical category, the depressed, and a host