Depression Series

Do you or someone you love suffer from depression?  Depression is often misunderstood in multiple ways.  Depression is not just feeling down, but it is also not usually a “mental illness” that requires medication.

The Bible has many examples of people who suffered from depression and who recovered.  Sometimes our depression is due to our sin as was true with King David.  Other times depression can be caused by fatigue as was the case with Elijah.  Depression can also be caused by failing to properly grieve after a loss as we see with Jacob.

This series explores the three Bible characters above and unmasks the true reasons why most people suffer from depression.  Pastor Dahlke shares his own personal battle with depression from his adolescence and how he has learned to gain the victory over this temptation.

Make no mistake, feeling sad or hurting in your soul is not a sin.  Allowing our feelings to control us is!

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