Book 4 – The Desert Wanderings

The Desert Wanderings is Book 4 of the Approved Workman’s Discipleship Course. This study covers the events of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy in a chronological manner.  We will learn that the Exodus from Egypt is a picture of salvation with the Passover lamb (Jesus Christ) having to die and shed His blood to escape death and be delivered.  The desert wandering pictures the early (babe in Christ) stage of our Christian life where we need to learn the rules of the Christian life while seeing more visible manifestations of God’s power.  Crossing the Jordan River pictures entrance into the life of faith the believer must live.  There are many lessons to learn from these often overlooked books.

The 100+ page full-color notebook is available for order.  The audio lessons will not be available until August, 2015.

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