Approved Workman’s Discipleship Course

The Approved Workman’s Discipleship Course is designed to take the believer on a guided tour through the Scriptures.  Each lesson ends with a review of the material in that lesson.  The purpose is to make sure that you understand some important Biblical principles from that lesson.  These reviews, along with the fill-in-the-blank verses are essential to the new believer learning how to navigate his or her Bible.

With each study, you have the option of purchasing the audio lessons taught at the church or you can purchase the workbook by itself.  Each workbook is $22 (quantity discounts available).  The audio lessons can be purchased with the notebook for an additional $15.  You can order the workbook and audio together for $32.  Prices include shipping.

Church Orders: Quantity discounts are available.  We offer B&W workbooks for ($9/ea with minimum quantity).  Please call with your specific needs.

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Book 1 – The Life of Christ

The study of the life of Christ takes you on a chronological tour of the Four Gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John) to give you a complete picture of the life and times of Christ.  This study is filled with helpful information on Bible customs, maps, and pictures to help you walk in the footsteps of Christ.

This study also has a digging deeper section in the back.  Periodically our study touches upon a topic that is beyond the scope of the study.  We marked these topics and give you the opportunity to dig deeper at the end of the study or one-by-one as you go through the study.

Book 2 – Genesis 

The study of Genesis covers the topics of creation, the flood of Noah, the life of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and the beginning of Israel’s sojourn into Egypt.  We travel verse by verse through Genesis and teach you foundational truths that will resonate through the rest of the Bible.

Book 3 – Acts

The book of Acts is a historical account of the events from Christ’s resurrection through much of the 1st Century A.D.  It is properly titled “The Acts of the Apostles” as it follows the ministry of Peter and Paul as they labored in obedience to the Lord’s command.   We take a scriptural look at topics such as: the local church, speaking in tongues, miracles, and life in the early church.

Book 4 – The Desert Wanderings

The Desert Wanderings cover the books of Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy.  We will cover the life of Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, the 10 Commandments, the Levitical sacrifices, the Tabernacle, and more.  Though we are not under the Levitical system today, what one can learn about the Lord and the cost of sin is foundational to understanding our redemption through Christ.

Included in this study is a closer look at the possible identity of the “Pharaoh who knew not Joseph” and the “daughter of Pharaoh” that plucked Moses from the water.  We will also take a close look at the Red Sea crossing.  Most maps in the back of Bibles today omit a miraculous crossing of the Red Sea in favor of the liberal notion of crossing a swamp (the Reed Sea).

Book 5 – 1 & 2 Corinthians

The Corinthian church was a worldly church that had many problems in it.  The two letters that Paul wrote to this church correct these errors and give proper instructions for how believers ought to behave in the local church.  Many churches today face the same worldliness in their ranks.  By learning the pitfalls of worldliness, the believer will learn how to avoid falling into Satan’s trap.

Book 6 – History of Israel

The History of Israel covers the Historical Books of the Old Testament (Joshua-Esther).  We take a chronological walk through the periods of the conquest (Joshua), the judges, the united kingdom, the divided kingdom, the exile, and the return.  This is by far our largest study with over 125 pages of material including maps, pictures, and review materials.

This study will be available for pre-order on February 1st, 2017 and will ship as soon as they are in print.  We expect to have the first books printed by mid February.  The audio lessons are being taught at this time and will be available in pre-order status until all the audio is complete.  We expect the audio to complete sometime this summer.

Book 7 – Galatians/Ephesians

Ephesians is one of Pastor Dahlke’s favorite studies!  It was the first book he preached through as Pastor at Fallsburg Baptist.  Combined with Galatians, this study is full of local church doctrinal knowledge.

Ephesians focuses on the resources of the believer and how to use these resources to have victory in the Spirit-filled Christian life.  Galatians focuses on the doctrine of salvation by grace through faith alone!  It addresses the error of trying to add a work of the flesh to faith in Jesus Christ.  In Galatians the issue was over circumcision; today it is baptism.

Book 8 – The General Epistles

This is our newest study and is available now for pre-order.  The study will be ready to ship in mid March.  100 pages of notes covering the books of James through Jude.  The audio will not be available until Pastor has completed preaching the series.