Youth Ministry

Teen Day of Service – July 22nd

We are leaving at 8:30 a.m. to head to Miss Holly Combs’ house in Loudonville.  We will be doing yard work, painting, and other minor maintenance projects for her.  We will be returning to the church around 4:30 p.m.  Teens attending the Day of Service and going to the youth conference will earn money towards the conference.

All Day Youth Activity – July 30th

Every 5th Sunday of the month we hold an all day youth activity.  Lunch will be provided and we will have activities during the afternoon.

Great Lakes Youth Conference – Aug 2-4

The cost is $100 per teen.  Teens can earn money towards their registration by attending the Day of Service (above).  Registration is due when we leave for the conference.  We recommend teens bring about $20 in spending money to cover a meal on the road each way and incidentals during the trip.  Teens have their choice to attend Cedar Point with the main group or an alternate activity Pastor and Miss Chris will plan.  Either is covered in your registration.

Visit for more information.  Must be signed up by July 30th.

Buckeye Teen Harvest Rally – September 9th

Cost is $25 per teen.  Rally is held in Mansfield and is an all day event.  More details will follow.